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Concrete Resurfacing

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Just because years of abuse, wear and tear have damaged your concrete floors does not mean you need to remove or replace them. ZiMCOAT representatives are knowledgeable in many specific floor resurfacing solutions. There are many options or types or floors available to you depending on your environment ZiMCOAT has resurfaces for the most hostile environments. ZiMCOAT can restore your floor to protect them against; thermal shock, explosion proof, chemical attack and containment, heavy traffic and impact. Maintaining the integrity of your floors is paramount to maintaining the integrity of your building. Let ZiMCOAT prepare the right flooring solution for you. For 25 years ZiMCOAT has been serving our loyal customers; pharmaceutical manufactures, automotive, food and beverage producers, foundries, chemical storage and warehousing.

Floor Coating to Concrete Floor Transition Detail

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