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Concrete Surface Preparation

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Surface preparation is very important. Not completing a detailed, thorough and appropriately aggressive preparation may result in the coating or mortar de-laminating or cracking from the substrate surface. ZiMCOAT stays current with the latest preparation systems, using scarifying, diamond grinding, scrapping and shot blasting to guarantee every project gets the best possible surface preparation. Before beginning any project ZiMCOAT completes a detailed inspection of the proposed surfaces determining not only the requirements of the preparation but also the integrity of the surface and substrate. Many surfaces through aging and years of abuse, from; mechanical damage, chemical attack or from pooling of oils and greases require concrete rehabilitation. At ZiMCOAT surface cracking, floor heaving, spalling or other damages are properly repaired by our trained staff before your new floor coating or surface mortar is applied. Let a ZiMCOAT representative provide you with the details needed to help make the right decision when deciding what floor coating and preparation is right for you.



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