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Although concrete in general is incredibly hard, it is porous on the surface therefore susceptible to integrity breakdown due to a variety of external and environmental factors. Applying coatings to the surface of a concrete floor protects the concrete, eliminates the dust and prevents the contamination of the concrete from chemicals, oils and foods. A ZiMCOAT floor coating with the proper floor preparation be applied to a brand new floor or a damaged floor from years of use. Only a ZiMCOAT representative can give you the correct solution required in order to properly prepare and apply a new coating to your concrete floor surface. ZiMCOAT clients currently using epoxy or urethane floor coatings are from all sectors of business and government, including; industrial, institutional, pharmaceutical, food and beverage and automotive to name a few.

Resinous Floor to Concrete or Gypsum Board Wall Detail

Resinous Floor to Concrete Wall Detail


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