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Re-invent your garage space!
Transform your dusty and damaged garage floor into a clean, durable, and attractive surface!


Concrete garage floors are often left un-treated and are easily damaged by vehicle traffic, salt, sand and overall wear and tear.


We specialize in preparing concrete surfaces and applying the Zimcoat Coating System (the highest quality concrete floor coatings available on the market).


Our professionally trained Zimcoat team can transform your garage floor in as little as one day.

More Info

  • We apply a UV stable coating that fills the concrete pours, eliminating dust and preventing stains from any liquid spills.
  • The Zimcoat coating cures rapidly and won’t discolour from exposure to sunlight.
  • The quick process reduces inconvenience and potential damage from weather during the application process.
  • We can also apply a flexible coating which prevents cracking and delamination when the concrete slab expands and contracts from fluctuations in temperature.
  • Choose from an array of colours to match your lifestyle.

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