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High Performance Mortar Flooring

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(CFIA Approved) In the most extreme environments a high performance troweled overlay may be required improving the wear capabilities. These over-layments are typically ¼” troweled floor system. They are tough and a long-lasting solution for the most challenging environments. High performance troweled on mortars are most often applied in facilities suffering from; chemical attack, thermal shock (rapid hot cold changes), heavy equipment traffic. ZiMCOAT overlay systems can be designed as highly decorative, different colours, slip resistant and all can be installed with short turnaround times. Our Food and Beverage Grade floors combined with ZiMCOAT’s WFC (Wall Floor Ceiling) system provide a seamless solution from Wall to floor to ceiling. See ZiMCOAT’s WFC System for details. Serving the Food and Beverage industry across Canada for the past 25 years, ZiMCOAT has applied thousands of square meters of CFIA approved seamless troweled over-layments. Contact ZiMCOAT for a free quote.


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