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Looking for low maintenance and a superior finish, try Polished Concrete for your flooring needs. Today’s advances in concrete polishing equipment and methods has allowed ZiMCOAT to use your new or existing concrete floor as the pallet for...


  • Less Maintenance…. They’re easy to clean, no need for waxes or coatings and a ZiMCOAT Polished concrete floor is dense enough to resist staining caused by oil and chemical spills.
  • Hard Resistance…. ZiMCOAT polished concrete floors stand up to the test of time. With proper cleaning your polished concrete floor will stand up to the wear and tear of retail stores and even some industrial work areas.
  • Highly reflective…if you are looking for a bright clean working environment with a professional image.
  • Flexibility…… ZiMCOAT polished concrete can enhance the trendiest of spaces, combining concrete staining with a polished floor, or etching your company logo into a highly polished concrete floor will give your work space a contemporary stylish appearance without compromising the integrity of your new floor.


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